A comic that is based on Biblical information. Some of the comics are comparing what is commonly taught among Christian Churches today versus what the Bible teaches, while others are solely on representing concepts taught in the Bible. It is not the best drawn comic, but it is something that I felt I should put together and am having fun doing so.

Chapter: Church vs. Bible Page: Church vs. Bible #012 - All foods clean

24th Jun 2019, 1:35 PM

Church vs. Bible #012 - All foods clean


jnmyers 24th Jun 2019, 1:35 PM
Yes, again on food. There will be at least one more in the future as well. Food is a huge subject. Everyone eats. What I don't understand is how we are more willing to take man's interpretation on what food is rather than our Creator's. I've been guilty of it. There are two things that hit me on this particular scenario in Scripture.

1) People use this instance to justify eating things that God doesn't consider food, even though Jesus is clearly talking about washing hands and even specifies that in the account. A little dirt on your hands isn't going to kill you.

2) Things that God does consider food, bread, people are more than willing to toss out and not eat because some famous person says it is bad. Jesus even calls Himself the Bread of Life. There are numerous verses where people are eating and bread is part of the meal.

Was their bread the same processed stuff you get down at the supermarket? No! If you look at the ingredients list and then try to make your own, you will see and taste the difference.

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